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Issue 045
October 29, 2019

Electric eel

*Last month we published High School, the New York Times best-selling memoir by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin. You probably know them as the iconic indie pop duo Tegan and Sara. Rather than a story describing their rise to fame, High School is a transcendent coming-of-age story that follows twin sisters as they navigate the complexities of teenage adolescence: they fall in and out of love—sometimes with each other’s friends—drop acid, fight with their parents, and skip school. Meanwhile, they wrestle with their sexual identities and begin to see themselves for the first time as artists.

Augusten Burroughs said, “There’s simply nothing like it [. . .] High School is fresh, beautiful, and fearlessly powerful.”

For Volume 003 of the Electric Eel zine, we asked our authors about their high school experiences. As you might expect, their memories of that time are charming (“When I got a B on a paper, I started crying.”), embarrassing (“I was drum major!”), and funny (“I smoked pot out of an apple and watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and ate an entire carton of Goldfish crackers.”). Fortunately, they seemed to have incurred only light emotional scarring.

Designed and illustrated with humor by Thomas Colligan, Volume 003 is also the first to include survey responses by you, our devoted newsletter readers. Reply to this email with your mailing address to receive a copy, and to see if we published yours. We hope you enjoy it.*

electric eel

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