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Robin Sloan, 2024
9780374612795 fc

Tell Me Who You Are

Louisa Luna, 2024

“This fantastic novel is like going out drinking with your sharpest, sexiest, most dangerous friend, and getting into trouble that's both unexpected and inevitable.”

—Chris Pavone, New York Times bestselling author of Two Nights in Lisbon

9780374608187 fc

In Tongues

Thomas Grattan, 2024

"Thomas Grattan is a master of plot—that rare ability—which makes In Tongues a real roller coaster: funny, sad, shocking, and, finally, quite moving."

—Andrew Holleran, author of Dancer from the Dance and The Kingdom of Sand

9780374237820 fc

Another Word for Love

Carvell Wallace, 2024
"Intricate and exhilarating . . . An exquisite, soulful must-read."—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

9780374610951 fc %281%29

Bones Worth Breaking

David Martinez, 2024

"Bones Worth Breaking is a wise, vulnerable and moving elegy for a best friend and soulmate who just happens to be family. It is also a kaleidoscopic coming-of-age memoir whose power lies in its gentle refusal of identity essentialism and narrative authority,...”

Chantal V. Johnson, author of Post-Traumatic

9780374272685 fc %281%29

Rough Trade

, 2024

Rough Trade is the kind of high-octane queer adventure that the historical record can point us to in scraps of diaries and newspaper accounts of ‘female bandits,’ but rarely do we get to luxuriate inside the lives of these bad-ass queer ancestors in such glorious...”

—Hugh Ryan, author of When Brooklyn Was Queer

9780374298333 fc

Little Underworld

, 2024

"Little Underworld is big, nasty, sharp, and wonderfully dark, packed with 1930s noir and witty dialogue. This book grabs you by those wide lapels and refuses to let go.”

—Gabino Iglesias, author of The Devil Takes You Homes

9780374601652 fc

Feeding Ghosts

Tessa Hulls, 2024

"Feeding Ghosts reminds us how much the personal is political . . . an audacious, awe-inspiring feat. For me, it was an essential read."

 —Ling Ma, author of Bliss Montage

9780374609849 fc %281%29

Grief Is for People

Sloane Crosley, 2024

"Potent and propulsive, a lyrical meditation on loss and what comes after. Grief Is for People is heartbreaking and wholly original."

Tara Westover, author of Educated

9780374612696 fc

Ten Bridges I've Burnt

Brontez Purnell, 2024

"Lines leap out of themselves like light eruptions from the funniest angel you ever saw. I could listen to this poet for hours, drive for days on a single thought." 

—Eileen Myles, author of A "Working Life"

9780374602826 fc

Dead in Long Beach, California

Venita Blackburn, 2024

"You can try bracing yourself for the ride this story takes you on, but it's best to just surrender. Your wig is going to fall off no matter what you do." 

—Saeed Jones, author of How We Fight for Our Lives

9780374610661 fc

Wrong Way

Joanne McNeil, 2023
“ A Ballardian tale of pristine corporate campuses and aspirational product marketing, Wrong Way reveals to us the very human cost of the AI future we’ve already been sold and makes us question how many lies and absurdities we’re willing to accept in order to try to...”

—Tim Maughan, author of Infinite Detail

9780374606978 fc

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

, 2023

“There’s a lot to enjoy in [Thank You] . . . Accessible and charming . . . [Sly speaks] from the heart (with a certain cool reserve) while providing a time trip filled with melancholy, wit, and soul.”

Ellen Fagan, CultureSonar

9780374208080 fc


Nicola Griffith, 2023
Menewood is everything Hild was in terms of prose craft, depth of research and immensity of feeling. . . Menewood doesn’t feel like a sequel so much as the same book, the same life, spooling a little farther along its path. While I hope not to have to wait another...”
Maria Dahvana Headley, author of The Mere Wife and Beowulf: A New Translation
9780374601775 fc %281%29

The Wonder State

Sara Flannery Murphy, 2023
The Wonder State is a startling feat of—and feast for—the imagination... it’s the atmospheric page-turner of my dreams.”
Megan Collins, author of The Family Plot
9780374609870 fc

Open Throat

Henry Hoke, 2023

"Open Throat is a blinding spotlight beam of a book that I was completely unable and unwilling to put down. I am not convinced Henry Hoke isn’t a mountain lion."

Catherine Lacey, author of Pew

9780374608484 fc %281%29

Sing Her Down

, 2023

"A thoroughly entertaining, mean-as-a-snake modern Western, Sing Her Down hits like a shotgun blast."

—Dennis Lehane, author of Small Mercies

9780374610296 fc

NFTs Are a Scam

Bobby Hundreds, 2023
9780374609900 fc %281%29

Our Migrant Souls

Héctor Tobar, 2023

“The master writer puts on his maestro cap to give us memoir, media criticism, meditation, travelogue, history lesson, and so much more, in a style and pacing with all the brilliant nuances and hues that Latinos exemplify.”

—Gustavo Arellano, author of Ask a Mexican

9780374607098 fc

You Know Her

Meagan Jennett, 2023

"This book will be the talk of the genre. If you read one thriller this year, read this one."

 —Chelsea Cain,  author of Heartsick

9780374538323 fc

The Insatiable Volt Sisters

Rachel Eve Moulton, 2023

"Weird and exhilarating and funny and sad and disturbing and scary and poignant and righteous."

Paul Tremblay, author of The Pallbearers Club

9780374604066 fc

A Country You Can Leave

Asale Angel-Ajani, 2023

"From page one, A Country You Can Leave is a riveting, exasperating, and deeply heartbreaking tale of mother-daughter strife and resilience. Asale Angel-Ajani is an explosive talent."

—Xochitl Gonzalez, author of Olga Dies Dreaming

9780374277925 fc

Empty Theatre: A Novel

Jac Jemc, 2023
"This novel is a triumph."

Kirkus (starred review)

9780374287702 fc %284%29

The World and All That It Holds

Aleksandar Hemon, 2023

"Hemonites rejoice! The master is back and he has forged a remarkable tale of love and war alongside his own 20th Century Silk Road. From Sarajevo to Shanghai, every sentence, every paragraph is a sensuous and often hilarious delight. Not a Hemonite yet? I envy you...”

—GARY SHTEYNGART, author of Our Country Friends

9781250884121 fc

Close to the Machine

, 2022
9780374192228 fc

Lost to the World

Shahbaz Taseer, 2022
9780374602338 fc


Katherine Dunn; Foreword by Molly Crabapple, 2022

“If Geek Love was a misfit anthem, Toad is a misfit ballad . . . chaotic, intimate and unruly.”

―Molly Young, The New York Times

9780374720957 fc

The Hollow Kind

Andy Davidson, 2022
“Andy Davidson is quickly establishing himself as the newest master of southern gothic horror. The Hollow Kind seeps into your subconscious and waits for you in your nightmares.”
—S. A. Cosby, bestselling author of Razorblade Tears
9780374605964 fc

The Mountain in the Sea

Ray Nayler, 2022

"I loved this novel’s brain and heart, its hidden traps, sheer propulsion, ingenious world-building and the purity of its commitment to luminous ideas."

―David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas

9780374605995 fc

If I Survive You

Jonathan Escoffery, 2022
"It’s truly a feat that a book of short stories tackling such big stuff—family, love, violence, race—could be so damn funny. Jonathan Escoffery is a writer only just getting started, and his first book is a welcome reminder of what fiction can do."
Rumaan Alam, author of Leave the World Behind
9780374602550 fc

Democracy's Data

Dan Bouk, 2022
"A tour de force of archival research that reads like a detective story, Democracy's Data reveals an entire secret history behind one of the most underappreciated institutions of modern civic life: the census. Following Dan Bouk through this riveting exploration of...”
Steven Johnson, author of The Ghost Map and Extra Life
9780374602673 fc


Edited by Brian Merchant and Claire L. Evans, 2022

“It will radicalize you.”

―Cory Doctorow, from the introduction

9780374716448 fc

The Suitcase Clone

Robin Sloan, 2022
9780374718473 fc


Alan Heathcock, 2022

“Shaped from foreboding, almost neobiblical prose, 40 is a fast-paced vision of a shattered American future: a place of violent factions, barbaric pageantry, remote-control rain, and angels made real. Alan Heathcock has created a speculative thriller that glitters...”

—Anthony Doerr

9780374603168 fc

The Pink Hotel

Liska Jacobs, 2022

"I tore through this one like a California wildfire―an appropriate comparison, given the novel’s setting in a high-end hotel beset by fires all around. As the hotel descends into a Roman-style bacchanalia, protestors fill the streets, smoke fills the skies, and...”

Molly Odintz, CrimeReads

9780374722722 fc

Everything I Need I Get from You

Kaitlyn Tiffany, 2022

"Everything I Need I Get from You will fascinate aficionados, but even for someone who’s never so much as logged on, it makes a rich and heartfelt explainer on the feelings and phenomena that thrive on the internet." 

Jenny Odell, author of How to Do Nothing

9780374606626 fc


Imogen Binnie; With a new afterword by the author, 2022
"Nevada is a book that changed my life: it shaped both my worldview and personhood, making me the writer I am. And it did so by the oldest of methods, by telling a wise, hilarious, and gripping story."
Torrey Peters, author of Detransition, Baby
9780374603403 fc

Cult Classic

Sloane Crosley, 2022

“The witty, improbably propulsive rom-com you didn't know you were waiting for - and just the sparkling, slightly sinister love letter to New York City that New York City deserves. An effervescent delight.”

 —Elif Batuman, author of Either/Or

9780374604783 fc

Two Nights in Lisbon

Chris Pavone, 2022

"There’s no such thing as a book you can’t put down, but this one was close."

Stephen King
9780374720056 fc

Ma and Me

Putsata Reang, 2022

"Familial ties and the scars of war are exquisitely examined in this luminous debut . . . A nuanced mediation on love, identity, and belonging. This story of survival radiates with resilience and hope."

—Publishers Weekly, starred review

9780374604141 fc


Fernando A. Flores, 2022

"These are marvelously unpredictable stories, anchored by Fernando A. Flores’s deadpan prose and his surefooted navigation of those overlapping territories, the real and the fantastic, where so much of the best contemporary fiction now lives." 

Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble

9780374605094 fc

The Doloriad

Missouri Williams, 2022
"Unlike anything I've ever read. The Doloriad is—somehow—Old Testament origin story, Shakespearean family feud, Greek epic, philosophical parable, and absurdist sitcom, all in one. Horrible and riveting, I could not look away."

Jac Jemc, author of The Grip of It and False Bingo


String Follow

, 2022

"A work of evil genius that put me in a literal trance and didn't relinquish me until the final page. I loved every insidious second.”

—Mona Awad, author of Bunny

9780374721657 fc

Dilla Time

Dan Charnas, 2022

“The greatest hip-hop producer of all time is getting the love and care his legacy deserves. Dilla Time is a master class.”

―dream hampton

9780374602499 fc


Morgan Thomas, 2022
"Each story here is a gem, glimmering and precious to behold, but gathered together, Manywhere is a profusion of diamonds. The book is very queer, very well-written, and very goddamn good. Morgan Thomas is a wildly talented writer and Manywhere is a knockout."

Kristen Arnett, New York Times bestselling author of With Teeth

9780374717674 fc

Devil House

John Darnielle, 2022
Devil House is terrific: confident, creepy, a powerful and soulful page-turner. I had no idea where it was going, in the best possible sense...It’s never quite the book you think it is. It’s better.”

—Dwight Garner, The New York Times

9780374603373 fc

Red Milk

Sjón; Translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb, 2022
9781250858900 fc

The Death of My Father the Pope

Obed Silva, 2021

"A searing and unforgettable work of art. The Death of My Father the Pope is a landmark in the history of Latinx literature in the United States. This is the book we’ve been waiting for."

Héctor Tobar, author of Deep Down Dark

9780374602581 fc

LaserWriter II

Tamara Shopsin, 2021

"At turns wistful and playful, a novel of appreciation for computers' dust and guts. Like its heroine, LaserWriter II is charming, inventive, and weirdly magnetic."

―ANNA WIENER, author of Uncanny Valley

9780374722838 fc

This Thing Between Us

Gus Moreno, 2021

“As original as it is affecting. It is a meditation on grief and on what it means to belong, and there were scenes that left me genuinely creeped out, unsettled, and shaken. An existentially frightening book.”

—Paul Tremblay, author of Survivor Song

9781250824011 fc

The Barbarian Nurseries (Tenth Anniversary Edition)

, 2021

“A book of extraordinary scope and extraordinary power.”

Los Angeles Times

9780374602802 fc

How to Wrestle a Girl

Venita Blackburn, 2021

"How to Wrestle a Girl is a work of stunning grace and rhythm. In these stories Venita Blackburn reminds us she is a writer unlike any other, her stories propelled by voice and wit and harsh beauty."

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, author of Friday Black

9780374721923 fc

Breathing Fire

Jaime Lowe, 2021

"A book as humane, generous and brave as its heroines, Breathing Fire is the journalism we need now, an urgent story from our carceral front lines given to us by a writer brilliantly alert to vulnerability and strength."

JEFF SHARLET, New York Times bestselling author of The Family

9780374715335 fc

Until Proven Safe

Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley, 2021

“An engrossing study of the ways in which quarantines have changed social, emotional, and political life over hundreds of years, and a fascinating exploration of the perennial roles of fear, conspiracy theories, greed, and prejudice... Perfect for our time.”

ELLEN ULLMAN, author of Close to the Machine and, most recently, Life in Code

9780374722630 fc

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic

Jessica Hopper; Foreword by Samantha Irby, 2021

[The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic] is by turns loose and warm and finicky and outraged, and its best pieces are more observant than 94 percent of the first novels that have come my way this year. 

Dwight Garner, The New York Times

Everythingnow biblio

Everything Now

Rosecrans Baldwin, 2021

"With a novelist's eye and a searching curiosity, Rosecrans Baldwin has created a sprawling work that explores a place and its people, as well as culture, history, geography and ecology. A feat of imagination that fed my mind, heart and soul."

CHARLES YU, winner of the National Book Award for Interior Chinatown

9780374601751 fc

Girl One

Sara Flannery Murphy, 2021

"If The Handmaid’s Tale and the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a baby, the result would probably look something like this feminist sci-fi thriller."

—Keely Weiss, Harper's Bazaar

9780374720513 fc

Living in Data

Jer Thorp, 2021

"If Annie Dillard wrote about data, it might sound something like this. In turns insightful, hilarious, techy and humane, Living in Data is an essential book for anyone who’s wondering how exactly we got into this data mess, and thinking about how we might dig...”

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack

9780374722807 fc


Rivers Solomon, 2021

“A tremendous, riveting work, sinking long, deep roots into the nightmare soil of American history in order to grow and feed something new.”

Amal El-Mohtar, The New York Times Book Review

9780374719029 fc

Hummingbird Salamander

Jeff VanderMeer, 2021
"Hummingbird Salamander is harrowing, gripping, and profound. It's both a thriller and a requiem for a disappearing world. I expect this novel will haunt me for a long time."

Emily St. John Mandel

9780374115319 fc

The Book of Darryl

The Goggles, 2021
9780374716301 fc

Second Nature

Nathaniel Rich, 2021

"Nathaniel Rich’s electric Second Nature . . . is a tour de force examining the influence humans exert on the world . . . The reading experience is by turns demoralizing and galvanizing, like most worthwhile things."

Vanity Fair

9780374722234 fc

The Recent East

Thomas Grattan, 2021

"A wonderful, immersive debut novel . . . in [Thomas] Grattan’s hands, life’s joys are magnetic." 

Patrick Nathan, The New York Times Book Review

9780374718817 fc

Model Citizen

Joshua Mohr, 2021

"Model Citizen wrecked me and then, somehow, put me back together. San Francisco was lucky to have a chronicler this generous.”

Anita Felicelli, San Francisco Chronicle

9780374717346 fc

Vibrate Higher

Talib Kweli, 2021

"Talib Kweli is a hip hop mirror ball, distributing light everywhere. For years, he's seen things, heard things—worldwide. It bodes the reader well to journey his mind and experiences in this book"

Chuck D
9780374722470 fc

100 Boyfriends

Brontez Purnell, 2021

Brontez Purnell’s 100 Boyfriends is a symphony of sex, trouble and wisdom—as if the composer had sex with each member of the orchestra by way of getting it right. An electric prismatic genre-defying punk literary flight, Purnell is twirling here— I loved every page....”

Alexander Chee, author of How to Write an Autobiographical Novel

9780374722395 fc

Pickard County Atlas

Chris Harding Thornton, 2021

 "Thornton has skillfully created a hyper-detailed setting of the Nebraska plains, a landscape of empty farmhouses lined with the windbreak, described right down to the native plants . . . A gripping mixture of cop procedural and a psychological story of...”

Sheila McClear, Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

9780374716622 fc

The System

Ryan Gattis, 2020

“Gripping, meticulously researched, and smartly plotted, I devoured this brilliant novel over the course of a weekend.”

―Paula Hawkins, author of Into the Water

9780374139681 fc

Desert Oracle

Ken Layne, 2020

“If you’re a fan of UFOs and insane heat, this is your book.”

- Kirkus Reviews, Booklist
9780374721558 fc


Jeff VanderMeer, 2020
“Somewhere at the intersection of pulp and surrealism, drawing on the very best of both traditions, is Jeff VanderMeer’s Ambergris. Unsettling, erudite, and shot through with unexpected humor...Ambergris is one of my favourite haunts in fiction”
China Mieville on City of Saints and Madmen
9780374721855 fc

Prefecture D

Hideo Yokoyama; Translated from the Japanese by Jonathan Lloyd-Davies, 2020

The Nightworkers

, 2020

"Absolutely brilliant . . . Each character is complex and beautifully drawn, and the ending was genuinely surprising. There’s art, theft, tight family bonds, and intricate plotting—it’s really got everything."

—Molly Odintz, CrimeReads

9780374720407 fc

The Last Great Road Bum

Héctor Tobar, 2020
"Tobar's stunning follow-up to Deep Down Dark . . . [features] high-velocity prose that is both relentless and wry . . . achieves a version of Kerouac for a new age."
Publishers Weekly
9780374720155 fc


Maria Dahvana Headley, 2020

"Of the four translations I’ve read, Headley’s is the most readable and engaging. She combines a modern poetry style with some of the hallmarks of Old English poetry, and the words practically sing off the page . . . Headley’s translation shows why it’s vital to...”

 —Margaret Kingsbury, Buzzfeed


Imperfect Women

, 2020

"A stunning, dark novel about who women want to be and the reality of who they are.”

—Samantha Downing, author of His Lovely Wife

9780374718626 fc

Ghost Hardware

Tim Maughan, 2020
9780374719593 fc

Take Me Apart

Sara Sligar, 2020
“What a clever, visceral thriller. A raw, unfiltered twist on gaslighting that challenges how society treats women. It made me sad, angry, and fired up.”
Araminta Hall, author of Our Kind of Cruelty
9780374719982 fc

The Dominant Animal

Kathryn Scanlan, 2020
"[The stories] are short, but their mood and imagery are lasting, and reflective of brutal truths of the commerce of human civilization . . . chilling, finely tuned pieces on power and survival." 

Jessica Ferri, Los Angeles Times

9780374538897 fc


Roya Marsh, 2020

dayliGht has a singular, potent, and persistent swagger—like if KRS-One had written Stone Butch Blues. In this tear-jerkingly matter-of-fact collection, Roya Marsh doesn’t propose an escape of past traumas but rather, sits in the cut, ponders, and comes back with...”

BRONTEZ PURNELL, author of 100 Boyfriends

9780374722425 fc

Little America

Epic; Foreword by Kumail Nanjiani, 2020
9780374720773 fc

Sharks in the Time of Saviors

Kawai Strong Washburn, 2020
“How do we confront our own deepest mysteries? Kawai Strong Washburn’s Sharks in the Time of Saviors is a feverish, booming orchestra of a novel that leaps off the cliff’s edge into a world of delirious strangeness, fury, and hope. Read it for its tour de force...”
Paul Yoon, author of Snow Hunters
9780374716325 fc


Joanne McNeil, 2020
“In Lurking, Joanne McNeil has written the first history of the social internet I’ve seen that has its authentic life and breadth.”
WARREN ELLIS, author of Transmetropolitan
9780374538552 fc

The Boatman's Daughter

Andy Davidson, 2020
“What if I told you there was a gorgeously written novel that mixed Southern Gothic à la Flannery O’Connor, backwoods noir, and the mythic imagination of Clive Barker? Go read Andy Davidson’s lush nightmare, The Boatman’s Daughter. It put an arrow through my head...”
Paul Tremblay, author of The Cabin at the End of the World and A Head Full of Ghosts
9780374719760 fc

Uncanny Valley

Anna Wiener, 2020
"I've never read anything like Uncanny Valley, which is both a searching bird's-eye study of an industry and a generation, as well as an intimate, microscopic portrait of ambition and hope and dread. This memoir is diagnostic and exhilarating, a definitive document...”
Jia Tolentino, author of Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion
9780374720704 fc

Dead Astronauts

Jeff VanderMeer, 2019
"[A] darkly transcendent novel filled with phantasmagoric visions, body horror and tortured beings traversing a blasted desert hellscape . . . terrifying and so compelling."
CHELSEA LEU, The New York Times Book Review
9780374279752 fc

User Friendly

Cliff Kuang with Robert Fabricant, 2019
“You could say that a primary goal of digital-era design is to eliminate the user manual: To make and sell us things that ‘just work.’ But this leaves us, for better and worse, uncertain how things work—or why they’ve been made to work the way they do. User Friendly...”
ROB WALKER, author of The Art of Noticing
9780374721596 fc

Dictionary of the Undoing

John Freeman; Afterword by Valeria Luiselli, 2019
“All [of John Freeman’s] projects feel like an invitation to enter into a polyphonic, multi-voiced conversation with other minds. Dictionary of the Undoing is no different. It is a book that makes you think, then rethink. It invites you to engage with it, to refute...”
Valeria Luiselli
9780374716738 fc

The Worst Kind of Want

Liska Jacobs, 2019
“Liska Jacobs’s dangerous psychological novel, about a woman caught up in the unnerving throes of middle age desire, plays out like a house on fire against its luscious Italian background. The perfect vacation read, like Under the Tuscan Sun gone darkly, desperately...”
Janet Fitch, author of Chimes of a Lost Cathedral
9780374538354 fc

False Bingo

Jac Jemc, 2019

"[A] wide-ranging, zany collection that somehow combines the otherworldliness of Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation, the menacing irony of Shirley Jackson and the cold feminist fury of Margaret Atwood. Love the book or not, there’s no denying that Jemc has a gift for...”

Siobhan Jones, The New York Times Book Review

9780374720681 fc

High School

Sara Quin and Tegan Quin, 2019
“A disarmingly frank tale . . . If you cringe when you hear the term high school, Tegan and Sara evoke this uniquely awkward, charged and very tender time, when you’re still trying to figure out who you are and what you stand for, and whether or not you’ll be able...”
Erin Kodicek, Amazon Book Review
9780374720032 fc

Tinfoil Butterfly

Rachel Eve Moulton, 2019
“Reading Tinfoil Butterfly is like watching a slick, modern horror movie, in which you start to realize the real terror comes from being a woman in this world and all the negotiations that involves. Clever, timely, disturbing, and thought-provoking.”
Araminta Hall, author of Our Kind of Cruelty
9780374718350 fc

This Is Not a T-Shirt

Bobby Hundreds, 2019
“Bobby is the embodiment of the type of hustle that streetwear was built on. In This is Not a T-Shirt, he maps out how to start a brand and blow it up while maintaining a core community—it's like a streetwear bible slash history book.”
Ronnie Fieg, founder of KITH
9780374716257 fc

My Parents: An Introduction / This Does Not Belong to You

Aleksandar Hemon, 2019
“Two very different memoirs within the same cover address memory, identity, history, and mortality from different perspectives . . . [My Parents is] a memoir of mortality, of memory, of what endures. This Does Not Belong to You is more of a series of coming-of-age...”
Kirkus Reviews
9780374719999 fc

Aug 9-Fog

Kathryn Scanlan, 2019
9780374720148 fc

Tears of the Trufflepig

Fernando A. Flores, 2019
Tears of the Trufflepig is the most engagingly original novel I’ve read in ages. So phantasmagoric, fearlessly out there, and yet it feels like a revelation, piercingly true to gritty human experience and wild as anything you might sense lurking in the Borderland...”
Francisco Goldman, author of The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle
Losing earth cover

Losing Earth

Nathaniel Rich, 2019
“This deeply researched, deeply felt book is an essential addition to the canon of climate change literature. Others have documented where we are, and speculated about where we might be headed, but the story of how we got here is perhaps the most important one to be...”
Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
9780374718602 fc

Infinite Detail

Tim Maughan, 2019
"Infinite Detail is the new required reading for the future's next fifteen minutes. A sobering, often frightening look at the implications of the networked world. Riveting, sinister and deeply human."
Warren Ellis, author of Normal
9780374720360 fc

In Our Mad and Furious City

Guy Gunaratne, 2018
"This is cracking. Original, honest voices and a vivid portrayal of a London rarely seen in literature."
Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train
9780374719166 fc


Hideo Yokoyama; Translated from the Japanese by Louise Heal Kawai, 2018
"[An] engrossing thriller . . . Readers will be deeply moved."
Publishers Weekly
9780374717650 fc

The Best Bad Things

Katrina Carrasco, 2018
“A brazen, brawny, sexy standout of a historical thrill ride, The Best Bad Things is full of unforgettable characters and insatiable appetites. I was riveted. Painstakingly researched and pulsing with adrenaline, Carrasco’s debut will leave you thirsty for more.”
Lyndsay Faye, author of The Gods of Gotham

The Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant, 2018
“Revealing...beautifully captured...candid.”
Los Angeles Times
9780374110444 fc

The Bus on Thursday

Shirley Barrett, 2018
“Shirley Barrett has crafted a quirky, one-of-a-kind, wild ride of a novel with demons, kangaroos, a missing schoolteacher, a remote town where things are strangely off-kilter, and a wonderfully bizarre cast of characters. The Bus on Thursday is a darkly funny and...”
Jennifer McMahon, author of The Winter People
9780374717742 fc

CoDex 1962

Sjón; Translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb, 2018
"[A] challenging and cacophonous epic by the talented Sjón . . . An amalgam of creation myth, surrealist absurdity, ancient saga, and contemporary satire."
9780374718060 fc

The Golden State

Lydia Kiesling, 2018
The Golden State is a perfect evocation of the beautiful, strange, frightening, funny territory of new motherhood. Lydia Kiesling writes with great intelligence and candor about the surreal topography of a day with an infant, and toggles skillfully between the...”
Karen Russell, author of Vampires in the Lemon Grove and Swamplandia!
9780374286200 fc

Nothing Good Can Come from This

Kristi Coulter, 2018

“Perfectly observant down to the smallest details, this account of drinking, sobriety, and starting (and then restarting) a manageable life is one of those books that is deeply serious, witty, and wonderfully compelling. Nothing Good Can Come from This seems to...”

Charles Baxter, author of The Feast of Love

9780374208431 fc

The Mere Wife

Maria Dahvana Headley, 2018
"There’s not a false note in this retelling, which does the Beowulf poet and his spear-Danes proud."
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Solucky nicolagriffith

So Lucky

Nicola Griffith, 2018

"Nicola Griffith is a brilliant creator of fierce female protagonists. With So Lucky, she fires a gritty, scary, wrathful, sometimes blisteringly funny broadside at the monsters of ableist culture."

Maria Dahvana Headley, author of The Mere Wife

9780374717995 fc

Our Kind of Cruelty

Araminta Hall, 2018
“This is simply one of the nastiest and most disturbing thrillers I’ve read in years. In short: I loved it, right down to the utterly chilling final line.”
Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl
9780374535803 fc

Acid West

Joshua Wheeler, 2018

"It’s been a long wait for Joshua Wheeler’s first book, but it would have been worth the wait even if we’d had to wait twice as long. Full of fine lines mined by a still-young writer, Acid West is worth its weight in gold."

Geoff Dyer
9780374279844 fc

Look Alive Out There

Sloane Crosley, 2018
“How sure-footed and observant Sloane Crosley is. How perfectly, relentlessly funny.”
David Sedaris
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Bruce Holbert, 2018

"In the masterful and rueful Whiskey, the sentences and dialogue burn like 100 proof shots of the novel’s namesake: smoky, sharp, and chased with black humor."

Whitney Terrell, author of The Good Lieutenant

9780374716714 fc

Graffiti Palace

A. G. Lombardo, 2018

"This is a book that’s as crazy and unpredictable as an urban uprising; it’s a phantasmagoric journey, written in precise and haunting prose, through a wounded and defiant city called Los Angeles."

Héctor Tobar, author of Barbarian Nurseries and Deep Down Dark

9780374537920 fc

The Strange Bird

Jeff VanderMeer, 2018

“VanderMeer’s apocalyptic vision, with its mix of absurdity, horror, and grace, can’t be mistaken for that of anyone else."

Michael Berry, San Francisco Chronicle

Annihilation moviecover


Jeff VanderMeer, 2018
“It's been a long time since a book filled me with this kind of palpable, wondrous disquiet, a feeling that started on the first page and that I'm not sure I've yet shaken.”

Matt Bell, author of A Tree Or a Person Or a Wall

Kingzeno nathanielrich

King Zeno

Nathaniel Rich, 2018
“[Rich’s] descriptions of the vagaries of both nature and human nature are stark, fresh, and convincing, full of surprise and recognition as both good comedy and good terror must be.”
Cathleen Schine, The New York Review of Books
9780374716646 fc


Katherine Faw, 2017

"A sort of American Psycho from the prostitute’s point of view, a damning, often hilarious account of toxic masculinity and Wall Street money culture."

Alexandra Schwartz, New Yorker

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Liska Jacobs, 2017
“The narrative tone of Jacobs' debut echoes the numbed nihilism of Bret Easton Ellis' early work, and her protagonist is just as lovely a person as his infamous characters. For those who appreciate the joys of a vicarious bender and the satisfaction of watching...”
9780374710934 fc

Ghosts of the Tsunami

Richard Lloyd Parry, 2017
“A brilliant, unflinching account . . . Singular and powerfully strange . . . It is hard to imagine a more insightful account of mass grief and its terrible processes. This book is a future classic of disaster journalism, up there with John Hersey’s Hiroshima.”
Rachel Cooke, The Guardian
9780374182267 fc

Kung Fu High School

Ryan Gattis, 2017
“[An] ultraviolent, dystopian debut novel from Ryan Gattis, the spawn of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Cormier.”
Publishers Weekly
9780374716431 fc


Robin Sloan, 2017

“A wild, geeky, flour-dusted ride through the oddball food and techie communities of San Francisco . . . A winning story that—like its namesake bread—carries a satisfying tang.”

Shelf Awareness
9780374711412 fc

Life in Code

Ellen Ullman, 2017

Life in Code is a consummate insider's take, rich with local color and anecdotes . . . Ullman has a pure passion for computing that doesn't stop her from recognizing all the ways it can isolate and intimidate . . . Like all great writers, she finds the universal in...”

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly
9780374716615 fc


Ryan Gattis, 2017
“A thrilling heist novel with a big beating heart.”
Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train
9780374715809 fc

Arbitrary Stupid Goal

Tamara Shopsin, 2017
Arbitrary Stupid Goal is a completely riveting world—when I looked up from its pages, regular life seemed boring and safe and modern like one big iPhone. This book captures not just a lost New York but a whole lost way of life.”
Miranda July
Cityalwayswins hamilton

The City Always Wins

Omar Robert Hamilton, 2017
“Fucking incredible, and this is without hyperbole. Hamilton has created both an unsparing psychological portrait of a generation—a generation that could just about see a new world through the tear gas—and a poetic, searing depiction of a revolution betrayed.”
Molly Crabapple
9780374713010 fc

The Last Kid Left

Rosecrans Baldwin, 2017
“A dark and brooding narrative . . . [A] finely wrought thriller. Baldwin’s novel steers clear of tidy endings, remaining faithful to delivering a story that ebbs and flows with the messiness of real life.”
Karen Ann Cullotta, BookPage
9780374714925 fc


Jeff VanderMeer, 2017
“Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy was an ever-creeping map of the apocalypse; with Borne he continues his investigation into the malevolent grace of the world, and it's a thorough marvel.”
Colson Whitehead