Here's the Cover for Fernando A. Flores's VALLEYESQUE!!!

Posted by MCD
October 15, 2021

Flores valleyesque final bookshot Na Kim

Guess who’s back? Fernando A. Flores! We’re thrilled to reveal the Na Kim-crafted cover for his highly-anticipated follow-up to his acclaimed 2019 novel Tears of the Trufflepig: Valleyesque, a psychedelic, dazzling story collection set in the cracks of the Texas-Mexico borderland. No one captures the border–its history and imagination, its danger, contradiction, and redemption–like Fernando, whose stories reimagine and reinterpret the region’s existence with peerless style. And the stories in Valleyesque, which have been published in Ploughshares, frieze, the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly, and elsewhere, dance between the fantastical and the hyperreal with dexterous, often hilarious flair.

As Kali Fajardo-Anstine, author of Sabrina & Corina, says, “Reading Valleyesque feels like entering a new dimension, a southwestern twilight zone where slacker outcasts and political gangsters rub elbows with hallucinatory muralists. But the genius of Flores’ work is precisely that this is our world— a reality seeped in humor and chaos with an undercurrent of divine order. We are lucky to have a writer so deeply unique, so ecstatically original as Fernando A. Flores.”

Or take it from Mark Haber, author of Reinhardt’s Garden, who says “The stories in Valleyesque are heartbreaking, hilarious, tender and hallucinogenic, often all at once. Fernando A. Flores’ voice is unmistakable, authentic and true, and these stories–singular, psychedelic, sad and nimble–capture a writer at the height of his powers.”

Valleyesque is out May 3, 2022. Pre-order it here, and stay tuned for updates.