Look at this gorgeous cover for FEEDING GHOSTS, Tessa Hulls’s groundbreaking graphic memoir

Posted by MCD
October 10, 2023

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One part memoir, one part comics, whole part a love letter to daughters of immigrants everywhere. Think Crying in H Mart meets Persepolis, or recall the mind-blowing experience that was first reading Maus or watching Everything Everywhere All at Once.

That’s what the cover of Tessa Hulls’s debut had to do, and we are so excited to share the haunting, beautiful result.

Feeding Ghosts is a book like no other. It’s an astonishing, deeply moving debut graphic memoir about three generations of Chinese women, a sweeping narrative of love, grief, exile, and identity.

Maia Kobabe, author of Gender Queer, writes,

I savored every page of Feeding Ghosts. The inking is gorgeous, the history is clear and digestible (while also being devastating) . . . Shelve it with Maus, Fun Home, Persepolis and The Best We Could Do.

And Jamie Ford, author of The Many Daughters of Afong Moy, says,

As a geeky connoisseur of graphic novels, this beautiful, powerful memoir is now my all-time favorite.

Tessa’s grandmother, Sun Yi, was a journalist who fled Shanghai to Hong Kong after the 1949 Communist victory, wrote a bestselling memoir about her persecution, and promptly suffered a severe mental breakdown. Tessa spent her childhood watching her mother care for Sun Yi, and vowed to escape her family’s suffocating grip as an adult, spending her time traveling the globe. Eventually, her adventures started to feel less like freedom and more like running away—but Feeding Ghosts is Tessa Hulls’s homecoming.

Tessa had become an accomplished visual artist, and though she had no comics experience, when it came time to tell her family’s story, she knew it had to be in graphic novel form. The result is a book unlike any other, not so much reinventing a form as tailor-making a new one. It’s a book you have to see to believe.

For now, the cover (and a few spreads—see below for a sneak peek!) will have to do, until Feeding Ghosts hits shelves March 5, 2024. But, the book is available for preorder here.

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