NFTS ARE A SCAM! Or, NFTS ARE THE FUTURE? Bobby Hundreds has the answers.

Posted by MCD
June 16, 2022

Image %282%29 The Hundreds

On the eve of NFT.NYC 2022, we are excited to announce that we’ll be publishing streetwear legend, bestselling author, and now Web3 mastermind Bobby Hundreds’s new books NFTS ARE A SCAM / NFTS ARE THE FUTURE in early 2023 (or just as soon as he finishes writing it).

Part memoir, part manifesto, NFTS ARE A SCAM / NFTS ARE THE FUTURE chronicles Bobby Hundreds’s journey into NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse from 2020 to 2022. Bobby’s first memoir, This Is Not a T-Shirt (which MCD published in 2019) told the story of how he built a streetwear brand around community. Now, picking up where T-Shirt left off—with a clothing designer treasuring what he’s built but wondering how to justify making more stuff in an overloaded world—Bobby seeks to tell what happens when the community builds the brand.

In NFTS ARE A SCAM / NFTS ARE THE FUTURE, Bobby shares his thoughts, perspective, and philosophy around this decentralized, digital revolution. For those looking to build in the space, he also incorporates insights and takeways from building Adam Bomb Squad, a collection of 25,000 NFTs comprised of art spanning 20 years.

Critical essays and personal storytelling are broken up with in-depth interviews with notable personalities in the space, from leading founders, harsh critics, and the Community. NFTS ARE A SCAM / NFTS ARE THE FUTURE captures a critical inflection point in culture where modern history pauses to take a breath and provides a front-row seat to one of the most dramatic business/technology/culture stories in the last century.

Is this technology an elaborate hoax made of pure greed and hype, or is it the makings of The Next Internet and the last great hope for democratizing creative culture? Let’s find out…follow this space for the latest information on when NFTS ARE A SCAM / NFTS ARE THE FUTURE will be available to order.

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