Check out the cover for Kaitlyn Tiffany's EVERYTHING I NEED I GET FROM YOU

Posted by MCD
January 05, 2022

9780374539184 fc Thomas Colligan

We couldn’t be more excited to reveal the Thomas Colligan-designed cover for Kaitlyn Tiffany’s thrilling debut, Everything I Need I Get from You: How Fangirls Created the Internet as We Know It! With humor, empathy, and an expert’s eye, Kaitlyn–who covers tech and online life for The Atlantic–dives deep into the origins of stan culture, making a convincing, and often moving, argument that fangirls, in their ingenuity and collaboration, created the social internet we know today. A band called One Direction (you might’ve heard of them) is at the center of the book’s journey, but Everything I Need I Get From You is so much more than a chronicle of a single group: from the knotted histories of Tumblr and LiveJournal to alarming, fandom-splitting conspiracy theories about secret love and fake children, Kaitlyn’s book reclaims internet history for young women, establishing fandom not as the territory of hysterical girls but as an incubator for digital innovation, art, and community.

Everything I Need I Get From You arrives on June 14, but you can preorder it here. And we highly reccommend reading some of Kaitlyn’s amazing reporting on subjects like QAnon and Cottage Core. Stay tuned to our social media for updates!