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Imogen Binnie is the author of the novel Nevada, which won the Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award and was a finalist for the 2014 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Fiction. A writer for several television shows and a former columnist for Maximum Rocknroll, she lives in Vermont with her family.
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It is truly a joy to watch Imogen Binnie, a master of suspense, paint the page with a both-feet-on-the-gas-pedal inner monologue that is at once, spontaneous, acidic, razor sharp observant, fully embodied and (most importantly) vulnerable. The writing here infers a time in the not so distant past where the terms 'queer' and 'counter-culture' were synonymous, on top of taking the great American road trip novel and turning it on its entire ass. Originally printed in 2013, this is the type of story that was so nice it had to be printed twice. TENS ACROSS THE GODDAMN BOARD. 

Brontez Purnell, author of 100 Boyfriends