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Nicola Griffith (she/her) is a dual UK/US citizen living in Seattle. She is the author of award-winning novels including Hild and Ammonite, and her shorter work has appeared in Nature, New Scientist, New York Times, etc. She is the founder and co-host of #CripLit, holds a PhD from Anglia Ruskin University, and enjoys a ferocious bout of wheelchair boxing. She is married to novelist and screenwriter Kelley Eskridge.
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Menewood is everything Hild was in terms of prose craft, depth of research and immensity of feeling. . . Menewood doesn’t feel like a sequel so much as the same book, the same life, spooling a little farther along its path. While I hope not to have to wait another 10 years for another volume, I trust that it would be worth it."—Amal El-Mohtar, The New York Times Book Review"Menewood is a searing depiction of a world at war, and the ferocious and complicated woman at the center of it."
Maria Dahvana Headley, author of The Mere Wife and Beowulf: A New Translation
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