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NFTs Are a Scam

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Hardcover, MCD × FSG, 2023

Bobby Hundreds

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National bestselling author and streetwear entrepreneur Bobby Hundreds’s manifesto about NFTs, the future of creativity, and bringing his brand and community into the modern digital space.

Part memoir, part manifesto, NFTs Are a Scam is the story of Bobby Hundreds’s journey into NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse from 2020 to 2022. Hundreds’s first memoir, This is Not a T-Shirt, told his streetwear brand’s story of community, commerce, and style. Now, he wants to tell the story of when a community itself builds the brand. In NFTs Are a Scam, Hundreds’s shares his thoughts and philosophy around a decentralized, digital revolution. Are NFTs a cult or a religion? And who do their followers pray to?

Hundreds confronts the roles of NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, sustainability, and legitimacy in this growing industry where jpegs sell for millions of dollars. For those looking to build in the space, he incorporates insights and takeaways from building his own NFT collection. Hundreds offers the insider take on it all through longform essays, diary entries and interludes, and in-depth interviews with notable personalities in the NFT world’s critics, champions, and collectors.

NFTs Are a Scam captures a critical inflection point in culture where modern history pauses to take a break. Is this technology an elaborate hoax or the makings of The Next Internet?

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