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Second Nature

The Book of Darryl

9780374115319 fc
Hardcover, MCD × FSG, 2021
Releases 03/16/21

An Amazon Editors’ Holiday Gift Pick

The illustrated, digitally-augmented story of a sixteen-year-old who discovers heavy metal and the son of god in one heady summer in Roman-occupied Nazareth

For sixteen-year-old Darryl, life in Roman-occupied Nazareth is a real drag—especially when everyone at your high school thinks you’re a loser, and you’re convinced the spots on your forehead are sure signs of leprosy. But everything changes with the arrival of a new refugee neighbor, Jay, the son of god. When Jay decides to join Darryl’s band, they discover the most potent force of all time: the power of METAL. And friendship. But mostly METAL.

A radical, hilarious, and touching story of teen angst, The Book of Darryl is an augmented reality novel (via an app that allows you to view animated pages of the print book) featuring GIF animations from the cult artist Scorpion Dagger, sound effects, and an original heavy metal score. Cowritten and directed by the Webby Award–winning team the Goggles (Welcome to Pine Point, Adbusters) and Closer (Shut Up Little Man!, Sam Klemke’s Time Machine), The Book of Darryl recounts the genesis of heavy metal and the friendship behind one of the greatest untold musical partnerships in history.

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