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Joshua Mohr is the author of the memoir Sirens and of several novels, including Damascus, which The New York Times called "beat-poet cool." His novel All This Life won the Northern California Book Award. He is the founder of Decant Editorial.
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“Joshua Mohr’s new memoir, Model Citizen, is not for the faint of heart, but there’s something profoundly beautiful and deeply humanizing about it, too. The book forces us to reconcile the conflicting truths of our mortal existence - that we are alone in a world that doesn’t care about us even a little, even as we’re surrounded by and connected to other solitary souls who might just save us if we let them. There’s terror here, but comfort, as well.”—Richard Russo, author of Chances Are“From dozens of perfectly honed scenes combined in a mind and soul satisfying structure, Joshua Mohr has made a book that refuses to look away from all the ugliness, yet makes himself so vulnerable in the telling, that every bit of beauty sticks. Relentlessly honest, hilarious, gut-wrenchingly sad, Model Citizen is the opposite of a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps memoir, and all the more hopeful (and profound) for it.”
Pam Houston, author of Deep Creek: Finding Hope In The High Country “No one anywhere writes into the gap between grit and grace better than Joshua Mohr. Model Citizen dives deep into the crucible of addiction and recovery and then breathes life back into us all. How thrilling to encounter a story in which I can feel both named as well as loved alongside a narrator who I respect and admire for diving down into the depths and bringing something back for the rest of us. A ride or die book. This book changed my life.”—Lidia Yuknavitch, author of Verge