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Katrina Carrasco holds an MFA in fiction from Portland State University, where she received the Tom and Phyllis Burnam Graduate Fiction Scholarship and the Tom Doulis Graduate Fiction Writing Award. Her work has appeared in Witness magazine, Post Road Magazine, Quaint Magazine, and other journals. The Best Bad Things is her first novel.

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Rough Trade is the kind of high-octane queer adventure that the historical record can point us to in scraps of diaries and newspaper accounts of ‘female bandits,’ but rarely do we get to luxuriate inside the lives of these bad-ass queer ancestors in such glorious fiction.”

—Hugh Ryan, author of When Brooklyn Was Queer

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Katrina Carrasco
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The Night Job

Story by Katrina Carrasco

Illustrations by Paige Vickers


Walking the Same Streets

Mapping 1880s Port Townsend

Text by Katrina Carrasco

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